Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas letter?

So, because I'm running late, I'm thinking I may just post my Christmas letter here. And direct people here. Hm. I can save paper! Except I have the cards already...I just don't have the time. Or the funds to cover tons of postage.

Is it taking something personal and making it less personal? I usually enclose a personal note with my form letter, so saying that a typical Christmas letter is already impersonal isn't going to work, this time. I just am not sure.

But right now, I'm 90 percent sure I'm going to post my letter here! Maybe tomorrow, for that extra post.

As the kids say (I think): Peace out. Or maybe I just picked that up from a Sesame Street Christmas special that I saw part of, yesterday.

1 comment:

Amalia T. said...

As long as there isn't anything overly personal contained within, I don't see why not. Or you could send it via email to folks, if you have more private/personal information.