Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello, out there!

I know, I know. It's been eons since I last wrote. I've got an excuse! I really do! Since my hard drive crashed (backupyourcomputers), I haven't quite gotten back into the swing of things--though let me mention that I now have Windows 7, which is *sooo* much better than Windows Vista!

I have been busy here and there with other items, trying to set up some of the writing I lost (thank Heavens for the blogfests. Most of my newest writing got partial bits posted, because of it!) But I've been busy with other stuff, too--my job, my other job teaching fitness a few fitness classes locally, running back and forth to weddings...I went to two weddings in the last two weeks, and am going to another one this Saturday. (Yay, dances!) I am hoping to make at least one of the three I'm invited to in August. I have more upcoming.

But I did just want to share this news article, which just struck me as funny. Up in my neck of the woods, there are quite a few giant animal statues. Yes. And now, one has been named. Hooray!

Now, if only we could get ourselves our very own carhenge...

I don't suppose any of you have been there? ;) I have. I know, you're jealous.

So, anywho. Hello, and for now, goodbye.

Edit: Pictures of the buffalo. If you read the facts, note that #3 is no longer correct. :)


Anonymous said...

We have the world largest hockey stick here, but no one has given it a name yet. I'm thinking "Johnson" maybe? - G

Amalia T. said...

Oh man! hahaha! Awesome! I have a picture of myself with the World's Largest Buffalo. Love it! and totally miss it :(

I also miss you!!!

Donna Hole said...

Where's the pix of Dakota?

That car henge looks like my neighbor's yard.

Welcome back; see you soon, I hope.


Just Another Sarah said...

Georgina: The world's largest hockey stick? Awesome! Maybe you can get a contest going! ;)

Amalia T: I miss you, too! You can come and visit the buffalo anytime you want...and then you can visit me! :)

Donna: Ooh, you're right--there isn't one on that website! I could have sworn there was one, yesterday. I'm adding a link for you.

And thanks for the welcome back--it's good to be back!