Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh where, oh where did my poor voice go?

I don't know about you all, but I'm having one heck of a winter. I keep getting sick. I got a stomach virus around Thanksgiving; I had a sinus infection at the beginning of last month; now this month, I have a cold which has left me with a sore throat and no voice.

Now, on the plus side, I otherwise feel pretty well. And, since I stayed home from work because of it, I did get to work on my writing (when I wasn't dozing or downing fluids). On the negative side, I am supposed to sing on Sunday in church. And I teach two fitness classes between now and then. Plus I am supposed to work Saturday.

Yes, this is not the best timing. We'll see what will happen.

In other news, since I did do a bit of writing, I want to mention that Eric Trant has been talking about this particular magazine that you can submit to, though March 15. It's called "An Honest Lie," and the theme for this year is Justifiable Hypocrisy.

I'm planning on entering, though I am not sure if the story I think I'm going with is the one I ought to. I have two that sort of fit the bill, but I just sort of think I want to use this one. Eric asked us to post a 330 word excerpt (no more!) from what we are considering using, so, what the heck. Here it is:

Annie wouldn’t leave him alone so easily, though. “What are you working on?” She tilted her head to the side and leaned over his shoulder, and he could smell something like cinnamon.
“A new case.”
“Oh.” She moved slightly, shifting the stack of papers in her arms. The movement pulled her shirt up a bit in the front, and he could see the lower part of her belly button. “What’s it about, anyway?”
“Normalcy,” he said shortly. He didn’t think it was proper to talk about his cases casually, and she definitely was asking casually. “More depravations of human nature.”
She wrinkled her nose, and even then, Emerson couldn’t help but think that she really didn’t look so young. More like she was twenty-nine than nineteen. “Everything leads back to depravation for you.”
“Such is the case with law.” He sat back, frowning, but pleased despite himself. “Keep this in mind, if you choose to continue in this line of work, Annie. Only we keep our clients from sinking into an abyss of grievances. It is our duty to remember that all delinquents may re-enter regular society. Whom would you rather have living next door? Whom would you rather work to keep off the streets? There may be comparative degrees of depravity, but there is no differentiation, in the end.”
She made a very attractive noise that emerged from the back of her long, slender throat. “So, that’s your excuse?”
He snapped his gaze up at her. “What?”
“Depravation—that’s why you think you put all those people away. When you’re actually really a workaholic.”
He stared at her through his glasses. “I choose to devote my time to justice. Some agendas must be accomplished. Some things are more important than going home when the hour is up, as you know.”
“I know.” She seemed to lean forward, though she didn’t move. “So, what’s the case about?”
“Murder,” he said in a voice that was intended to end the conversation.

Okay. In other news, blogger Jon Paul is actually hosting a second drunk at first sight/St. Patty's Day Blogfest! Not only should you sign up--you should read them. I'm taking part. I took part last year, too. This was one of the hardest blogfests I've ever taken part in! And it was tons of fun. So. Check that out, and keep your eyes peeled (not literally!) for my and other entries for this very fun fest.

There you are! My updates, not in a nutshell, but hopefully not painfully drawn out, either.


Eric W. Trant said...

I feel your pain. I got sick in November, December, January, and February.

And now that I'm finally -- hopefully -- feeling better, the allergies are kicking in. We'll see if I get sick when I hit the gym. Funny how that works. I hit the gym after a break and immediately get sick.

Love the excerpt. It's crisp and visual and sensual. You laced the dialogue and descriptives so neither one overwhelmed the other, and moved forward at a comfortable clip.

Thanks for the bump!

- Eric

Just Another Sarah said...

Oh, isn't being sick a pain? I hope that you are over your multiple bouts of illness, now! And that the allergies don't get too bad. I love spring, but it's certainly a bad time for allergies.

Aw! Thanks! I hope the rest of the story will carry me through!

Jemi Fraser said...

Great story! I smell a conflict brewing! :)

THere has been so much illness going around this winter! Our weather has been a mish-mash of freezing, plain old cold and cool - I wonder if that's part of the problem.

Just Another Sarah said...


Yes, my mother has said the same thing. I think that could very likely be. But now it is going to warm up! I know it is! And I'll be healthy for that, I guess. That's something, anyway.