Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello--I'm back.

Hello. Excuse me while I dust my monitor and check for cobwebs on my keyboard.

Nope, everything's clean.

Apparently, my holiday season extended from December through today. And honestly, the only reason I'm writing now is because I am not feeling well, and am tuckered out from a day of normal activity. I made some soup (perfect for when you're not well, right?), I washed my dishes, and I thought about my current WIP (which is just getting off the ground, but I am very excited about it!). Actually, I spent the wee hours of the morning thinking about it, since I was up. Curses upon congested sinuses.

I do have a few resolutions. I'm resolving to form a (flexible) schedule, in which I can balance out my life a bit more. A bit of time staved off for reading--I get so busy, sometimes, I don't have time for such a simple act. That is so not good. Since Christmas, I've read the Percy Jackson series (as per my friend Amalia's recommendation). They totally rock. Seriously. I started a few others that I haven't finished. But. progress!

Another bit of time will be for writing! I need that creativity, and I deny it because of the other things that come up--work, housekeeping, sleep. You know.

I also want to make sure I'm on a good exercise schedule, and perhaps plan my menu more during the week. That is not really of interest to you, I'm sure, so we'll just glide over that little fact.

Here is a favorite commercial of mine. I hope you enjoy it. Totally awesome, especially for Star Wars fans.

Anyway. I'll try to schedule a bit more time to update this blog, now and again, too. Sometimes, schedules are helpful.

As long as I can stick to it!

So, farewell, for now, my readers!


The Words Crafter said...

I feel like I've been away for at least a month. Sorry about your sinuses; that's been part of my issue. I hope you can find a way to work all that into your schedule. I'm just now trying to get back into the groove of things myself. And I love the commercial!!!!

Donna Hole said...

Amazing what a small victory can do for the ego :) Kids, you gotta applaud their faith.

Feel better Sarah. You are missed.


Just Another Sarah said...

Words, don't you hate being sick? My congestion has not gone away, though I'm well again. Why do symptoms linger?!?! I hope you are back to normal, now!

Donna, lovely as always to hear from you! Yes, I agree. (I totally loved that kid!)