Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey, hey, it's Valentine's Day!

Oh, my goodness. I love Valentine's Day. Any day that is dedicated to hearts, love, pinks and reds, glitter!, etc., has a soft spot in my heart. (Not to mention chocolate!) Now, is that great, or what?
Conversation hearts, rocking out on the blog.
V-Day (as I call it) is kind of an odd holiday. From what I've seen, it's sort of a combination of a Roman fertility festival (Io Lupercalia!--coming from lupus, wolf. And we all know how important that old wolf is to the Romans--at least I know some of you do. If you don't, read up on the Romulus and Remus legend here. But beware--it's not all roses and glitter. Kind of like the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm!) And yet, it is also named for several saints by name of Valentine. All of them were martyred.

And then we go and put Cupid (Eros) in charge of the holiday, when really, he has had very little to do with the date. Poor little love god. It's not like he was a baby in a diaper back in the Roman days. And we only really remember him on this day! How sad is that? He and his Greco-counterpart (Eros--similar to arrows--I'm *sure* this was something the Greeks did intentionally. Er. Anyway.) are actually quite interesting to me. Especially with the whole Psyche myth.

So, anywho. I love this day. Really, truly.

However, my brother absolutely hates Valentine's Day. In fact, I know lots of people who do. Because they have no one to celebrate it with, maybe, or because it's so commercialized. Seriously. (What holiday isn't, these days?) But you know what? I really don't think it should matter. The day is about love, you know? And yes, we focus on the Cupidy (I totally just made that into a proper adjective!)/lovey-dovey aspects of the day...but it's not all that. I like to just be with my family. To deck the house in hearts. To wear pink and red, preferably in dress form. To eat chocolate (though that might just be everyday).

What am I doing for this special day of days? Not really anything special, to be honest. But that doesn't matter. I am bringing valentines to work to exchange them, I am wearing my reds and pinks, and I am going to just enjoy that V-Day is here once again.

With much love to all my blogging friends,

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Stephanie Thornton said...

Happy V-Day!

I don't celebrate much, but did get my hubby and daughter little valentines. And we're having chocolate fondue for a special Valentine's dessert. Yum!

Just Another Sarah said...

That sounds wonderful! Mmm, chocolate fondue! Hooray!

Amalia T. said...

Happy Valentines day! (belated!) :) Adam always hooks me up with some chocolate, but that's the extent of our Valentine's day extravagance, usually! We like to keep it mellow over here :P