Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh, Barbie, you spoiled child

What the heck? Barbie has a chartered jet? Or she can, if you buy it for her, for whatever the price may be.

I just discovered this on an ad for Black Friday goodness (or badness, depending on your views) at Kohl's, and it makes me think about the controversies surrounding Barbie and her friends and her penthouse suite and unrealistic figure and the blow up surrounding her boyfriend Ken (if they're still dating--I don't remember. Curses upon Blaine!)

So, how did Barbie get a jet? I know from magazines I received when I was little, being a fan of Barbie as I was, that she was a model. But she's an every girl's girl, too. She is a movie star, but she's also a doctor, a career woman, a teacher. And somehow she is able to afford a chartered jet? I grew up knowing I could get a car, someday--sure, maybe not a plastic pink one--but in an economy like this, are little girls going to grow up thinking it's easy to get a jet of their own--even if their parents can't afford the toy?

I'm all for dreaming, but something about this strikes me as ridiculous.

As does this link. Bella and Edward Barbies. The horror.


Amalia T. said...

Haha. I think Barbie is the least of our worries in that regard-- it's not going to be Barbie's chartered Jet toy that makes kids think they can get one-- it's going to be all those shows on TV and movies like Iron Man, you know?

Actually, I'm touching on Barbie Friday in my blog, along with animated cartoon characters. I think Barbie is less of a problem than real life models and all the live action shows with obscenely skinny women cast in roles. (One Tree Hill, for example...)

Just Another Sarah said...

Well, that is true. But still--something about it feels wrong to me. But you know, I suppose that with her empire, she totally could afford it. But still.

And did you check out Twilight Edward and Bella Barbies? Good gravy. Though not unexpected.

Amalia T. said...

Yeah I've seen them-- I think it's funny/sad that the Edward and Jacob dolls look kind of like their real life counterparts, but the Bella doll is just a Barbie's Friend Theresa in new clothes.

Amalia T. said...

Honestly, I wish Bella hadn't been as skinny as she was cast in the movies. I wanted her to be more normal than she is, for as insecure as she is about her appearance. And if Edward is from the 1900s, wouldn't he prefer a plumper girl?

Just Another Sarah said...

Yes, I thought it was odd, too, how she's all concerned about her looks, but she isn't dressed up to look ordinary in the movie--but then, she wasn't in the book, either. That disturbs me even more. She is a Mary Sue, and no one seems to care.

I think Twilight needs a post devoted just to it on this blog.