Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey, Baby, it's C-O-L-D outside.

I'm cold.

I am always cold, but I am especially cold right now. Why? Because it is winter. Because I live in a cold part of the US. Because we just had a storm go through (not as bad here as elsewhere), because the temperatures dipped, and now, because of all of this, I'm huddled up on my couch, wrapped up in my fuzzy robe, thinking warm thoughts.

Or trying to.

I would just like to state right now that yes, I understand that some people like the cold. Yes, I've heard many times that it's easier to solve being cold (so, putting more clothes/blankets/covers on) than it is to solve being warm (how many layers can you decently remove?). But you know what? When you get chilled to the bone, it really doesn't matter anymore. After a while, you just can't layer up anymore.

When I was in college, I lived in dorms where the heaters kicked on when the higher powers that were turned them on...i.e., we didn't have control to the (small) heaters in our rooms. One day, in the dreadful winter, I came back to my room to discover that there was frost on the inside of the windows, a draft coming in, and that the room was about 50 degrees. Probably less.

Having just returned from the arctic that was outside, I was still in my coat. Thinking quickly, I did the only thing I could possibly do--I threw my robe on over my winter coat, made sure the curtains were closed against the frosty draft, and climbed up into my loft and under my covers.

I don't recall if my roommate at that time thought I was crazy--all of my roommates have been warmer than me at all times--but even if she did, at least I was able to stave off the cold somewhat, for a little. Though I couldn't really move my fingers.

Much like right now.

But seriously, today's cold, though uncomfortable, is nothing, compared to that. I don't have drafts blowing in on me. It's not negative five thousand outside. (Only slight hyperbole, believe me.) The wind isn't even that bad, today.

I suppose if it gets really bad, I could always go get my fingerless gloves and find a few warm blankets to toss across my lap. After all, what's another layer, now?

People are going to start thinking my skin consists of fleece.


Amalia T. said...

Well, supposedly if it's snowing, it can't be all that cold :)

You must have witnessed my cold-weather bundling. People used to mock me for keeping my face hidden by scarf, multiple hoods, and hat, so that only a single eye was visible for navigation when I went outside-- but I'll tell you what, I was warm, and that was all that I cared about! You do what you gotta do to stay warm, Sarah! :)

Just Another Sarah said...

I do believe I walked to class with you when you looked like that. I'm sure that I made sure to navigate for us, since you only had one eye.

It's not snowing right now. :( If it were snowing, it would be wa-a-ay warmer.

Kara said...

You could work on your laptop under a blanket and use the heat from the computer to help keep you warm.

Elle Strauss said...

I'm with you-- hot is better than cold! Give me palm trees over snow anytime. (Palm trees are VERY hard to find in Canada).

I left you a little something at my blog that should help you feel a little warmer, at least on the inside.