Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have just spent the majority of this week being sore.

I think I slept wrong on Tuesday--I couldn't move my head much to look over my right shoulder. And then on Wednesday, it got worse--a different sort of sore kept my left shoulder pretty stationary.

Between that and the cold snowy blustery yech that it is outside--I didn't do much last night. I played Farmville (which I should quit. But I've been saying that for the past few months), and I finally wrote a blog post again, and that's about it. That's about all I could fit in--though I had time.

Oh, and I almost fell asleep on my couch. It was pretty close. Instead, I went to bed early!! Shocking!! Well, like 11-ish.

Somehow or other, though, I've been just feeling lazy and have had no inspiration. I don't know if it's because I'm sore, or because it's deeply January and the weather played a trick on me, or if it's because I've been so busy with the rest of my life--teaching at the YMCA, my regular job, my writing of articles (which I've gotten somewhat lax with)--that I don't want to do anything else, or what, exactly--but I do feel lazy. Which makes me unhappy. I pull up my short stories and think, "I'm going to revise this!" But instead, I'm having my own personal Psych marathon (I love that show. I love James Roday. Oh, my.), and I'm wasting time as possible, and I'm not really working on what I want to...

I just have to trust that I'll get myself back in the game, I guess. And in the meantime, I'll just take the little things in, things that may end up inspiring me later.

Oh, and maybe I'll reread the lovely letter I got from a dear, longtime friend, today--actual mail. Oh, how I love mail!


Amalia T. said...

I've been having days like that myself. I'm getting stuff done-- but not as much as I'd like. Sometimes, you've just got to decompress. Take a couple of days and tell yourself you're not going to do anything extra and just enjoy your time and do whatever you want-- even if it's just playing Farmville :) When you're done, you'll be ready to get back to work! or maybe not... but at least you won't be feeling guilty for enjoying yourself!

Stephanie Thornton said...

I'm with you on January being inspiration-less. I think I'm going to make January a permanent revision month. Book #2 is chilling on the backburner and I think it's going to stay there until spring.

And blecch for sleeping wrong. I hate it when that happens!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I can relate to being in pain -- my left shoulder has been the same way! I think it's because I sleep on my stomach with my left arm curled up under my shoulder.

And as much as January is long and cold and hard, I like February less.

Grr! I'm tired this morning and feeling rather blah. Isn't it spring yet?

Just Another Sarah said...

Thanks, Amalia! That makes me feel better.

Stephanie: Yeah, it stinks. I can hardly believe one night has resulted in that much pain. Good luck with using this as a revision month--that's a great idea, and a good use of time!

Amber: Yeah, February can be bad, too--especially when winter taunts you like it did us, making us think it would soon be spring.