Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awards (thanks!) and challenges

OK. So. A few things to discuss, today.

First is a great big thank you to Elle Strauss for giving me this lovely Circle of Friends award! She said it would warm me up, and though my fingers are cold, she is so totally right. Her blog is pretty interesting, by the way, and would be fun to check out, if you haven't, yet. She has lots of great thoughts about writing.

So, I suppose I should pass this along...along with the award that Amalia T. gave to me a while (Lovely Blog Award).Which I will do...eventually. So many people deserve these awards, and I'm just so touched to be included in the giving. I just can't decide who to give them to! So. That will come eventually.

Secondly, I want to discuss writing challenges, and challenges in general.

I was looking at Kate from The Neverending Shelf's blog today, and she is starting a mini challenge. I keep getting excited over these challenges--the Kiss blogfest, the No-Kiss blogfest, an upcoming Love-at-First-Sight blogfest that I signed up for...somewhere. (I can't remember! But I do remember it's on the 14th of February. Perfect for V-Day, right?)

Here's a link to this new mini challenge: Read a bunch of books, and then clear out the ones you won't be reading again. Clear the Clutter! Perfect for me and my library of books, which, as much as I love them, are sort of also my bane. Seriously. Do you know how heavy it is to move boxes and boxes of books?

I have to sift through and decide which ones I want to read, but I will be posting that soon...and then...hopefully...sticking to the challenge. Which I have some time for--two months, I think?

I love this challenge especially, because it's coming at the beginning of the year, and I feel that this fits into my goals for the New Year--to downsize, to simplify, to create peace. It feels lovely just to think about it!

Anyway. That's all, for now--break's over. Back to work.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I came over from Elle's blog to say hi and congratulate you on your award. :-)

Amalia T. said...

Half of what Adam and I moved from North Dakota was books, so I'm totally aware of how annoying they are to move-- but I still can't bring myself to give any up. I just never know when I'm going to want to read one again! And man, I want to have it waiting when I do!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Congrats on your award. Oh, and the Love at First Sight fest--unless I'm mistaken, I think Courtney Reese is hosting it with some others: Although you may have gotten to it from one of the others.

Also, cleaning out shelves...oh my word, I am so overloaded with books, but I really struggle to get rid of them. I may host a contest though to get rid of a bunch. It might make it easier to get rid of them then knowing they're going to other lovers of books.

WhisperingWriter said...

Congrats on your award!

Just Another Sarah said...

Shannon: Hi, back! And thanks!

Amalia T.: I know. It's difficult. I'm thinking of just starting with cook books. I could handle that, I think...

Carolina: Thanks! Yes, of course, you're right. Thanks so much. Good gravy, sometimes my memory is like a sieve.

Whispering: Thanks so much! It's exciting. :)