Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday returns

Happy Black Friday!

As much as I love Thanksgiving, part of the excitement is Black Friday...and what better slot to put it in than my Friday Favorite Things column!

The mass hordes of people will run rampant through the malls, today. And more retailers online will have a great weekend. Hoping for better than last year!

And I will be one of them. Probably after gifts for myself again, like I was last year. I've had many of my gifts for my family since...after last Christmas. I start my shopping early!

If you're one of the hordes, good luck...otherwise, see you online next week. I'm going to rest!

Peace, good will, and bargain shopping to you all. :)


The Red Angel said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Sarah! :) Haha, in fact I am going to go out shopping right now! I am the same way, I like obtaining my gifts for friends and family early on. Good luck, hope you and I both find some good deals. :D


Donna Hole said...

Eech! I'd rather be sleeping . .