Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Things Fridays!

Another favorite color for this week: Sea Foam Green. What a gorgeous color this is!

I use to search this crayon, and periwinkle, out of my brother's and my big crayon box. Grab a silver, and you have the perfect colors for the ocean--which I was somewhat obsessed with. It's just so different--I think that's part of its charm. Soft and gentle, and yet full of least, that's what I feel building, when I see it.

FYI, I did a search on Google images for the color, and found about a million sea foam green guitars. Apparently, it's a popular color!

Have a great weekend!


Jessica Bell said...

LOL! Hmm, I used to seek that colour EVERYTHING when I was a kid. I wonder what it is about that colour that draws kids' attention?

The Red Angel said...

Ooh I agree this color is SO pretty! Blue is one of my favorite colors, but there are all sorts of shades of blue that I like, including this one. :)

By the way I'm hosting a Mad Lib contest in celebration of Harry Potter coming out if you're interested. :D


Christopher said...

I used to love the big box of crayons! Must... find... some... now...

The Words Crafter said...

I think that's the color of the guitar Will Ferrel picks out in the movie Stranger Than Fiction!

Just Another Sarah said...

Jessica: I have no idea! It is awesome, though, right? :)

Angel: I hope you get many people to join! Totally awesome idea. :)

Christopher: I have a box of markers I keep on hand at work, and at home. Just in case, you know? :)

Words: I *love* that movie! It's so fantastic! I think you're right about the color--nothing rocks like a sea foam green guitar.