Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And oh, once writ...

So, hello, there!

I feel like it's been some time since I've posted anything other than a blogfest entry. I am really sorry. Honest! I've been busy outside of blogdom. Not that that's as important as you all, of course...but the deadlines are more pressing.

So, when did I hit 42 followers? I can't believe I've come this far, or that that many of you actually think I'm follow-worthy! It's an honor to watch that number rise, however fast or slow.

So, I just thought I'd pop on, and say hello. Let you know about more upcoming blogfests. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to forget them! Charity Bradford is doing a baking one; Melissa @ The Guardian is doing a First Kiss one (on the same day as murder blogfest day, so that could be interesting); there's one I just signed up for today, through Harley Palmer, in which MCs use body language instead of actually talking. I totally just signed up for a Deleted Scenes blogfest through My Literary Jam and Toast (tres exciting--Amalia T., this one's for you!) Oh, I'm addicted to blogfests, and it seems that even more of them are popping up all month! Am I missing any?

Oh, which reminds me--thanks to everyone who gave their advice and their opinion for the first page blogfest, hosted by Kelly--you all helped me so much. I got great feedback. I'm still going through and reading other posts for that blogfest, actually. Hopefully I'll get a little further tomorrow.

So anyway, I guess I just wanted to write this post for a specific reason, which I'm sort of hemming and hawing about. One of my goals this year was not to try and publish my novel--no, that needs way more work--but to try and submit a short story (or more than one) to literary magazines, to see if I could get it published. So, I did. And I haven't heard back, and I'm not expecting anything...but...I did it. Hey, it's worth a shot, right? And it's a step forward toward a goal. So, I'll try to keep you all up to date with that. I almost don't care what happens (but I do, totally)--I'm just proud I took this step.

Which reminds me of one last thing: my truths and lies. You were supposed to guess--four of each. I never quite did tell you which were true, did I? No. Check out the original post here.


1. We traveled a lot when I was younger, and so I have been to 48 of the United States, as well as several other countries. FALSE--but sneakily so. We've been to 47 states.
2. One of the states I haven't been to is Louisiana. Another is Hawaii. TRUE! And the third is Alaska.
3. I am allergic to fur, but I have had some very interesting pets...among them, a snake, several frogs (Hoppy, Junior, Carla and Sadie), at least a dozen goldfish, and now I have a pet pig, Wilbur. I know, kind of unimaginative, but he really looked like a Wilbur! FALSE--I do want to have a pet pig, though. But I'd probably name him Hammie. Or her Porcia. I am allergic, though, and we did have a tarantula...but that's another story.
4. If I could, I would ballroom dance professionally for the rest of my life. I teach some, though I'm by no means like the professionals. I briefly considered trying to get on a soap opera so ABC would contact me to go on Dancing With the Stars. True, but when I say briefly considered, don't take me too seriously--I just wished I could.
5. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn't know for sure, usually. I had several ideas throughout my life: I wanted to be an angel, a Barbie doll, a mermaid, an artist, a marine biologist (for about a week), and then by the time I turned 13, I knew I wanted to write. Who knows which of these is most attainable. Ha. True. I did want to be all of those things. Even the Barbie Doll!
6. I love to color--especially with crayons. The look of the wax, they way they smell, the way they write on paper--it's magical! FALSE! I kind of feel mean. I love to color...with markers. I can't stand crayons most of the time. I only use them if they're Crayola, actually. Then it's...okay. But they've got nothing on the markers!
7. Kirsten Dunst walked right by me at work one day, and though I smiled at her and saw her, I had no idea it was her until later, when one of my coworkers started to talk about how nice she was. True! I almost died when I found out. Seriously. Couldn't someone have told me?
8. I have a twin brother. We're really close, and finish each other's sentences and all that behavior people think is typical of twins (it's not always). But we don't look anything alike, so most people get really confused when we're around, and we always have to convince them that we're related. Oh, well. False. I have an older brother, and though we are close, we are complete opposites, people say, and absolutely not like that. And we are both glad for it.

So, that's that. Peace out, and sweet dreams till morrow...or, if it's morrow, sweet daydreams till night.


Stephanie Thornton said...

You'll have to make it to Alaska one day soon. It's only the best state in the Union! :)

Congrats on submitting your story! You'll never know unless you try, right? My first short story submission was an utter failure, but I learned a lot from the experience. I'm sending you good luck vibes!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

So you haven't seen my state, Louisiana, yet? Go to my blog and look up the blog entry LAST EXIT TO EDEN, it will describe the beautiful Creole Nature Trail I was lucky enough to travel down as I was delivering rare blood.

I, too, am trying to get a short story published. I wish you much luck in your pursuit. I put 4 pages of the short story I wrote just for me in my latest post. Come check it out -- but if your time is short,and I know it is -- go to LAST EXIT TO EDEN {March 25th}

Have a productive week, Roland

Just Another Sarah said...

Stephanie: I will do my best to make it there someday. I think it would be kind of sad to not finish them all off, don't you think? And with a statement like that, I think I'll have to!

Thanks for the good luck vibes--I'll definitely need them. By the way, assuming I remember, I'll be posting something you may get some enjoyment out of, either tomorrow or Friday. :)

Roland: Oh, Louisiana. We were so close to going through it! But when we were going places, my parents let my brother and me take turns as to different stops along the way. He chose to go back to a space camp instead of see your state (which I totally would have picked!) That was years ago, of course.

Good luck to you in trying to publish your story! I'll check out both posts. I mean, I'm up...avoiding sleep! :)

Harley D. Palmer said...

There is the Bar Scene Blogfest, April 11!

I am obsessed with them too! I have them linked up on my blog as I find them to remind myself and spread the word!

Just Another Sarah said...

Harley: Oh, of course. I knew about that one!

Isn't it just terrible? I've been sort of avoiding putting up a list of links--it's like I'll get overloaded, or realize just how many blogfests there are, and how unprepared I am for all of them. Oh, well. I think I might just have to face the music and link to them, too.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog. As for my short story, THE LIES LOCUST TELL, it is 5,000 words long. For a chuckle, I sent it to Harper's magazine. They were underwhelmed, rejecting it. I need to find new places to submit my stories.

I would like to see your short story. It is a hard market out there. What I need is Neil Gaiman to write in his journal that he loves my work. Hey, I can dream.

Have a surprisingly good tomorrow, Roland.

Harley D. Palmer said...

Well Sarah, if you don't want to, I have them on my blog so you can just keep checking that list over there LOL

Just Another Sarah said...

Ooh! That's a great idea, Harley! Then I can keep checking back there! ;) Though perhaps I'll have to just go for it, anyway... :D

Roland--Oh, my goodness--Neil Gaiman is *amazing.* I *love* him. He is so inspirational to me, writing-wise. Have you read The Graveyard Book? One of my absolute favorites? That is a worthwhile dream.

Perhaps later I can send you a bit, or post a bit.

Tara said...

Lilah Pierce is having a blogfest on "the last line" - same days as the baking one, I think. I love blogfests.

Fwiw, my b/g twins are as opposite as 2 people cane get - and don't look very much alike either ;)

Charity Bradford said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout out. I can't wait for all these blogfests to come about. Such good reading in the last ones.

Amalia T. said...

So many fests!!

I'm glad you submitted! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!