Monday, October 11, 2010

Announcement: The blogfest, retold!

Well, I went back and forth about it a bit, but I had almost completely decided on the theme of the blogfest I am hosting after after I wrote this post, hyping my fantastic record of writing 80 posts in close to three years.

You may or may not recall from the review I wrote on "The Thirteenth Princess," but I love retellings. That is, I love to hear things from more than one point of view. I think that's what gives us ideas, really. What gives us inspiration, often. It's how we explain things, sometimes to ourselves, sometimes to others. Because we all ought to know, there's never just one story. Right? There are reasons motivating every character, and their reasons can, and should, tell a completely different tale.

So, I welcome you to join "The Blogfest, Retold!" (trademarked with exclamation point) on November 16!

Yes, I want you to retell a scene from someone else's view point. Let us know, for example, what motivated that third little pig to build his house of brick...actually before his brothers turned into bacon. Or explain to me, in your lyrical prose, how the muses feel about singing to Vergil. Whether or not Herodotus actually saw a Unicorn. Why the Trojan war actually happened. How the ship Titantic felt about its name a few examples. You can and are even encouraged to borrow your script from one of these fabulous sources:

Fairy tales

You can also retell a story of your own making, but please, post your original scene, so we can see the difference.

Maybe limit your word count to about 500-750 words? I want to try to read them all, and that's difficult when there are a verbose plethora. Yes, I know, I'm one to talk...I always go overboard, myself. But this is just a scene, after all. You can write the fabulous book or short story it inspires afterward.

So, please sign up below...remember, this is for November 16th! You have lots of time. Hurray!


Amalia T. said...

What is the date, my dear? I did not see it in the post! (I could be blindish though.)

Just Another Sarah said...

November 16--it's in the last line! I'll move that up. :)

Amalia T. said...

Sorry, I'm totally blind-man-bob apparently. *rubs eyes*

Just Another Sarah said...

Not a problem. I almost forgot to sign myself up!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I'm glad to join in the fun. Sounds like I'll have to put my thinking cap on. I haven't used that in so long I don't know if it will fit!!

Just Another Sarah said...

Yay! Welcome, Roland. I'm sure your thinking cap still works quite well!

Donna Hole said...

I'm game. Don't know if I'll post my own, or an excerpt for a published author. We'll have to see . .

Great blogfest idea.


The Red Angel said...

This sounds awesome! :) Totally going to participate. I loe blogfests hehe.


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Now I just have to come up with something!

Eric W. Trant said...

That's a great idea!

One of my favorite songs is an old Johnny Horton song written from the point-of-view of Comanche, a bay gelding (that's a horse) and the only US survivor of Little Big Horn, and one of only two horses to be buried with full military honors.

My bro and I used to listen to that song over and over, on an 8-track no less, Old Comanche what did you see...

Lyrics to Comanche
Comanche, you fought hard, Comanche, you tried
You were a good soldier so hold your head up high
For even the greatest sometimes must fall
Comanche, the brave horse, you gave your all

Now I'm waxing and all! Great idea!

- Eric

Genie of the Shell said...

Oooh, I love this kind of thing! I will do my best to come up with something by the 16th.

Francine said...


Couldn't resist!


Lovy Boheme said...

I wasn't going to enter another one of these until December, but I think I can handle this one. Count me in. :)