Monday, October 18, 2010

Purple cauliflower and other wonders

I really enjoy food. And I love veggies. So it's been pretty exciting for me to see all of the different shades of produce this year. I mean it--it's really been a colorful bounty. Or maybe I'm just more aware of it? It's hard to say.

I was in my supermarket a few weeks ago when I discovered this: purple cauliflower. They also had orange, and green. Okay, seriously--green cauliflower looks like not-quite-ripe broccoli. Or like that spring green crayon color. So, it wasn't as exciting as these other colors. (They aren't genetically engineered, that I can tell, either...selective breeding. Much like what was done to carrots. No, they weren't always that lovely neon-orange shade. I'd like to find some yellow or purple ones, and eat those--that was once the color they were known to be!)

I went looking for some yesterday, and found the last purple cauliflower in the store. I hurried home and steamed it, with some broccoli. If you're into those sorts of veggies--mmmmm. The cauliflower doesn't taste that much different from regular--I'm not sure I could tell a difference in taste, at all. But, yummmmmmmm. I loved it! And I have plenty left for tonight.

Now, I've also discovered blue/purple potatoes, which are colored on the inside; yellow-y potatoes; purple broccoli; it's all so colorful and fantastic! And it makes me wonder what other vegetables and fruits are out there, or will be out there at some point soon.


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Eric W. Trant said...

I think you get the Most Random Post Award for that one.


- Eric

Stephanie Thornton said...

I love pretty veggies, but I've never seen purple cauliflower. We grew rainbow carrots this year- my daughter loved the pink ones!

Just Another Sarah said...

Eric: Hahaha! Awesome. My brother says I have a random thought generator in my head, so I'm guessing he'd agree with that.

Stephanie: Rainbow carrots? That is so unbelievably awesome! I want to eat a pink carrot!

Amalia T. said...

My Mom grows purple green beans, and when you steam them, they color change to a dark green. It's awesome to see! I've had purple cauliflower before, too-- it's fun! Very Halloween-y :)

Just Another Sarah said...

I totally forgot the purple beans! Mom had some of those, too, along with some yellow ones. They were really cool to see, when she canned some...and oh, were they tasty, fresh. Yumm, produce!