Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!

Halloween is coming! So what's a favorite of mine that fits right into the day? Why, Alfred Hitchcock, of course. We'll let him make a cameo on my blog, in a bigger way than the famous cameos he made in most of his films.

This is not to say that I love or even have seen all of his movies. And I attribute my fear of flocks of black birds to him. (Not that I have seen "The Birds," but trust me when I say I'm not seeing it anytime soon!)

Even if I don't love all of his films, I find that I admire something in all of them. He was somewhat demanding, I understand, and much like a puppetmaster--a bit different from other directors. But if it's by Alfred Hitchcock, including his television series and the publications of stories under his approval, I glom on. Because hey--it's Alfred Hitchcock. It has to be good in some way, right?

A few (but not all) of my favorites of his films include:

Lifeboat, Psycho, Stage Fright, Dial M for Murder, Rope, North by Northwest, Rear Window, Strangers on a Train, The 39 Steps an (earlier film), and The Lady Vanishes (another earlier film).


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Jon Paul said...

Yeah, I'm a huge Hitchcock fan too! I love the scene in North By Northwest when the lead gets chased by a biplane. Total drama, and a completely different take on a chase scene.

Hey! Maybe that's a new tool for figuring out something original to do in a WIP: WWAHD(What would Alfred Hitchcock do?)? :D

Great post!

Just Another Sarah said...

Oh, my gosh--I totally love him! That scene is so classic--it's just awesome!

And I totally think we should totally try bringing WWAHD in as a writing tool!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Yeah, the whole bird thing is definitely Hitchcock's fault. And I really liked Dial M for Murder!

The Red Angel said...

How funny, we just watched North by Northwest last Monday in my Film Analysis class! And now I am working on my analysis for that movie. xD It was good, I must say. :) We are also going to watch Psycho next week!


Nate Wilson said...

Interesting. The only Hitchcock film I haven't seen from your list of favorites is the very first one: Lifeboat. To Netflix!

Just Another Sarah said...

Stephanie: Yes. I will not be watching that! (Dial M for Murder was FANTASTIC!)

Angel: Psycho is SO good. I can't believe how long it took me to actually see it! Seriously. One of his best.

Nate: Get ready for something completely different! I really don't know what appealed to me so much about it, but I totally loved it. I hope you like it even half as much!