Friday, October 1, 2010

From the Post office, with love

I received a little present from the post office, yesterday. I consider every bit of mail I get to be exciting, although granted, when it turns out to be junk mail, I am a little disappointed. And bills aren't all that exciting to pay...but there is some satisfaction in opening the envelope, knowing it's for you. I've received all sorts of varieties of things in my life, but yesterday's little gift was something I've never experienced--a summons to serve on a jury.

I know most people are severely disappointed to receive that sort of an item, but I'm new to the idea of juries, so I haven't made any impressions of the concept of serving on one, yet. And, you have to remember, that I have a love of mysteries, (some) court room dramas, and more. I am typing this, watching an Alfred Hitchcock film. (I've never seen the movie Suspicion before, but just found it at the library today. Oh, oh, oh--Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock. How fantastic is that? Cary Grant's shoulders are so dreamy. I wonder if anyone called him Cary? They must have--but I just don't think his first name alone holds all the punch his full name does. Anyway. I digress.) So I have to admit to a variety of feelings, which I'm sure will only increase as my time for possibly serving approaches. I'm kind of excited to be part of that atmosphere--to be part of the process. I'm a little bit proud--this is that civic duty sort of feeling. But I'm kind of nervous, too. I want to do a good job, but won't it be difficult? I mean, Heavens to Betsy, it takes me long enough to decide wear in the morning. How will I ever figure out who is innocent or guilty? I am taking this very seriously!

In any case, this could shape up to be an interesting month!


Donna Hole said...

Hey, you can use the experience in a mystery novel. Or something else.

The only time I've had to do jury duty was on a civil case - two store owners fighting over the sales contract. I hate numbers, expecially big numbers. What a waste of time that case was.

To me anyways. Since the business was going bankrupt and they were quibbling over who ate the largest share of the bills, I guess it meant a lot to them.

Hopefully if you get picked, it will be an interesting case at least.


Ben said...

Of course you have to get past the screening process before you can serve on the jury. I hope you have fun with it.

Just Another Sarah said...

Donna: I hope so, too! The case you served on at least doesn't sound like too much fun, but you're right--it meant a lot to those two parties.

Ben: This is very true. I suppose there's a chance I won't, and I don't know why I keep feeling like I will. Of course, I keep imagining the multitude of ways to get out of it--like that commercial that aired a few years back with the guy dressed up as the Grim Reaper.

Eric W. Trant said...

I've never served. I've been called and immediately dismissed twice.

The last time, though, I was single, and I sat next to this gorgeous brunette and I kept waiting for that opening and when I got it, the chemistry wasn't big enough, just a small hi-chat and back to my novel, her watching the television, she went to second-cut, I got dismissed.

Good thing, I guess, because I later met my now-wife and we're expecting a baby.

Weird how you think of those little road-forks from time to time, isn't it. So many of them unexplored.

- Eric

Just Another Sarah said...

Eric: That is a great story! I love to look back and think about my own unexplored forks in the road, so it's quite interesting to read someone else's. And congratulations, not just on your awesome writing earning you a book deal, but on the fact that you and your wife are expecting!

Nate Wilson said...

I got the summons last month, and like you, I was looking forward to jury duty. Not only would it be a chance to experience the jury selection process (and perhaps a trial) for the first time, but I'd also get paid by my employer to sit and read (or write) for the day. It was win-win.

Of course, for the second time, I called up the night before and they didn't need me. I wish you better luck!