Friday, October 22, 2010

Favorite Things Fridays!

Today's favorite is not a thing, but a person--someone near and dear to my heart. Fred Astaire.

I can't quite recall the first time I saw him in a movie. I think it was in Shall We Dance with Ginger Rogers--I'm fairly positive I was mesmerized by his dancing, in any case. I consider him to be an inspiration.

Born Frederick Austerlitz, he danced when he was little and when he was old. There was a certain joie de vivre in his steps, no matter his age, and he helped transform musicals, dancing and just general awesomeness.

Yes, I'm a Gene Kelly fan, too, but even he gave props to my darling Fred. (Gene, I'll feature you later!)

I'll be the first to admit it--Fred isn't the typical dreamboat of a movie star. He looks sort of small and awkward. But his personality and his dance, and even his singing which is enjoyable--not broadway or Glee-worthy by any means--make his on-screen character shine greatly. You go, Fred.

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Donna Hole said...

I've always been a Fred Astair fan. His dancing was a thing of beauty. Especially with Ginger Rogers.

I remember watching musicals as a kid, and he was my favorite. Wonder why I don't care for them anymore?

Maybe Fred and Gene were one of a kind gentlemen, and that special appeal is missisng.

Great memorial.


Jemi Fraser said...

I enjoy those old singing & dancing movies too. Fred was an extremely talented man!

Just Another Sarah said...

Donna: I am dressing up as Ginger Rogers for Halloween!

I think Fred and Gene were craftsmen. Today's musicals are fine and all, but they aren't crafting new genres with their fleet feet--and, as you say, they were that certain sort of gentleman. High School Musical's Zac Efron, bless his soul, isn't going to surpass that.

Jemi: Yes, he really was! I'm always happy to hear other people even know who he is. Yay!

Amalia T. said...

I am the worst blogfriend ever because I have not been commenting anywhere, but I wanted to tell you that I love these guys too. Not as much as you do, maybe, but I do enjoy watching them!

Just Another Sarah said...

Thanks, Amalia! No worries--I know how it goes. :) Good luck with NANO!